Student Council

Student Council

Student Council

Advisors: Jane Jess [email protected] and Jolene Naff [email protected].us

Student Council Members

Membership to the Student Council

The membership of the Student Council consists of students from each class 7th through 12th grades. Each class has four representatives that serve on the Student Council. The duties of a Student Council member is to 1) report to their respective classes after a Student Council meeting and 2) introduce and encourage ideas that are beneficial to the school and community.

A member of the Student Council must:

  1. Maintain a "C" average.
  2. Be placed on a nine-week probationary period, if their grade point average falls below a "C" average.
  3. Be removed from Student Council if at the end of the probationary period, the grade point average is not a "C" average.
  4. Not be replaced until the spring election

The advisor(s) and principal may remove a member of the Student Council if the member is involved in a major school violation.

It is the responsibility of the members of the Student Council to attend all monthly meetings. A member may have one (1) unexcused absence. If a member misses two (2) additional monthly meetings, the Sergeant-of-Arms will contact the advisor(s) of this violation. The advisor(s) will contact the member concerning the missed meeting and inform the member of possible removal from Student Council.

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