Gifted Program

Gifted Program

Gifted and Accelerated

Newton Local School promotes excellence in our students. One way which we aspire to do this is with policies regarding our gifted students. Whether it is being accelerated a grade or participating in our gifted program, our gifted students have opportunities to grow. The links below will provide more information for parents of gifted students.

If you have questions regarding our Gifted program, please contact:
Natisha Wilson, Gifted & Talented Coordinator

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Policies and Assessment

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Some children are "ready for school" before school is "ready for them." 
The practice of admitting a student to Kindergarten or first grade who has not yet reached the typical age at which students are admitted to Kindergarten or first grade for the purpose of providing access to appropriately challenging learning opportunities is referred to as early entrance.
Find the Early Entrance form on the Forms page.

Early Graduation

Application for early graduation shall be submitted to the high school principal in accordance with school regulations. The principal may honor this request if all conditions for graduation are met and the student fulfills the graduation requirements. It is essential that in meeting the graduation requirements, the student work with the school to arrange a schedule for obtaining the required credits during the regular school year. The Board will allow a student to use summer school, either one established by the District or by another district, as a means for obtaining credit only after all efforts have been made to obtain credits during the regular school year.

If a student is permitted to graduate early, s/he may participate in the graduation ceremonies with his/her designated class.


Some children need more than their current educational placement. Typically, students who need acceleration are ones who are consistently top of their class and they complete their work quickly and accurately. The two types of acceleration are whole-grade and subject acceleration.

Whole-grade acceleration is rare and many factors are considered when evaluating whether or not a child is a good candidate. Anyone seeking whole-grade acceleration should contact the Gifted Services Coordinator. 

Subject acceleration means that a child is ready for the next grade level in a certain subject(s) much earlier than the typical student.

Ohio Department of Education's Academic Acceleration Resources

Institute for Research & Policy on Acceleration


Throughout the 2023-2024 school year, the Gifted Intervention Specialist will be meeting with gifted students in grades 2-6 for thirty minutes, twice per week. Topics of study will include interdisciplinary units and projects that extend thinking beyond grade level standards. 

The Gifted Intervention Specialist will also provide whole class enrichment activities to students in grades K-2, and meet with gifted students in grades 7-12 periodically. 


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