Expectations for Physics

Expectations for Physics

Expectations for Physics

As with your other classes, the school rules in the Handbook apply to this class as well.  I would just like to stress the rules of conduct that are most important in this class.  Basically, if you treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, you will get along fine in my classroom.
1.      We will all respect each other.  People are in this class to learn science.  Any disruption (i.e. talking, whispering, playing, etc.) of this learning process is disrespectful.  There will be times when open discussion is allowed - but be sure to recognize when talking is not allowed (lectures, instructions, tests, etc.) Disruptions will be dealt with accordingly.

2.      We will not endanger each other.  There are many things in a laboratory that, if handled incorrectly, can be dangerous to your health and the wellbeing of others.  Anyone who acts in a way inappropriate to a lab situation (i.e. horseplay, fighting, performing unauthorized experiments, etc.) will be asked to leave the classroom. Parents will be informed of the behavior.

3.      Classroom time is for working on science.  As soon as the bell rings, we will start class.  It will be to your advantage to be on time and prepared each day (that is, have your book(s), notebook, writing utensil, etc. with you when you arrive).

4.      Late homework is not accepted.  Homework is collected on Fridays so you have a week to work on it.  All homework is posted in advance and it is your responsibility to read the assignment and do it. Larger projects such as term papers and projects are weighted heavier and take more time to do, so 20% is taken off for each day late.  (I grade them first, then multiply by the percent.)

5.      If a student misses a Friday, then homework is due the next day back.  If a student misses a lab, the student must obtain the data from his/her lab partners. If the entire lab group misses a lab, they have to make up the experiment within 3 days of the absence.  After that, the lab is recorded as a zero.

6. Do your own work. Do not use another person’s work (classmate, website, reference, etc.) and pass it off as your own. Citations are crucial when reporting on research.

Since these rules are simple, I see no trouble in your following them.
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