Rules and Expectations

Rules and Expectations

Classroom Rules and Expectations

Classroom Rules as stated in the Students Handbook:

1. Complete work on time.

2. Respect others and their belongings.

3. Be prepared.

4. Follow Directions

5. Use time wisely.

6. Work had and do your best!

Classroom Procedures

1.      Come prepared to class.  What should you bring?
·       Textbook & Workbook(s)
·       Planner & Homework Folder
·       Writing Utensils
·       Notebook for keeping notes

2.      Absent:  Check with me or a classmate (at an appropriate time).  My goal is to have homework assignments on my class webpage.

3.      Make-up Quizzes/Tests:  Please see me to arrange a time for make-up quizzes and tests.

4.      Late Assignments (Per Nine Weeks):
·       1stLate Assignment: Warning
·       2nd: 1 Day Recess
·       3rd: 1 Week Recess
·       4 or more: After School Detention

6.   Gum:  No gum under any circumstances.

7.      Cheating is not tolerated.  If a student is caught cheating on ANY assignment you will receive a zero for the assignment along with a trip to the office.

.   Discipline
*When a student is being disruptive, they are not only being disrespectful to me, they are also interrupting the learning process of others.  Disrespect, insubordination, harassing others, horseplay, etc., will NOT be tolerated.  Students are responsible for their actions.  
*If a student chooses to disregard the rules the punishments are as follows:
·       1stoffense: Warning
·       2nd: 1 Day Recess
·       3rd: 1 Week Recess
·       4 or more: After School Detention & Phone Call to Parents…a possible visit to the Principal’s office.

* (The severity of an offense will determine the punishment…I will use my own discretion).  Each 9 weeks the log will be cleared.*

9.      While I am teaching I expect everyone to remain in their seats, listening carefully and working hard ~ there should be NO talking, unless you are called upon.
*This is not a time to sharpen pencils or throw away trash.  Remain in your seat until a more appropriate time arrives.

10.     No technology “gadgets” are acceptable in the classroom (per the handbook).  This includes cell phones, pagers, ipods, headphones, etc.

*Computers, Smartboard, Printers, and all technology provided by the school should be treated with the utmost respect….anyone mistreating the use of technology will lose his/her privilege to use them again.*
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