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Christina Lawrence

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Welcome to Mrs. Lawrence's 5th Grade Classroom!
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Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Behavior
Students are expected to be respectful in the classroom, hallways, lunchroom and playground. This means toward other students, teachers and school staff. They are expected to be polite when addressing peers and adults. Students will keep all belongings to themselves and treat school property and other people’s belongings carefully. Students are responsible for their textbooks and workbooks throughout the year. Finally, students are expected to do their best. Every child can learn and grow and we expect every 5th grader to do just that! We’ll be working hard in class and at home this year learning lots of new vocabulary, strategies and concepts. We’ll work together as a class, in small groups with the teachers, with study partners, and in groups, so each student must be sure to joi n in and give us their best effort.

Homework, projects, and upcoming tests will always be posted on the assignment board with the due date or test date. These assignments will be recorded by the students in their personal assignment books. Assignments will also be posted on the Newton website on my staff page.  Assignments must be turned in on time, completed neatly, and done in pencil, or erasable pen, unless otherwise stated.   A zero will be recorded for any late assignment.  It is the student's responsibility to turn in late assignments prior to the end of the quarter for 50% of the assignment grade.  This does not pertain to assignments completed following an absence. Please see the handbook regarding this policy.

Assignment Books
Assignment books will be completed daily in both Mrs. Lawrence’s, Mrs. Heitkamp’s and Mr. Rhoades's classroom. We each communicate with one another when assignments are due and tests are approaching. Students will have ample time to prepare and complete their work. As part of their homework assignment, students need to have their assignment book signed every day. This is also a convenient way for us to communicate with each other.  (Assignment book policy will be set by Mr. Rhoades and Mrs. Flory for their homeroom 6th graders.)
The Classroom Rules
1. Complete work on time.
2. Respect others and their belongings
3. Be prepared.
4. Follow directions.
5. Work quietly.
6. Use time wisely.
7. Work hard and do your BEST!
         From the Newton Elementary Handbook
Students demonstrating consistent appropriate behavior, work and study habits will be rewarded.  Appropriate rewards such as sitting with a friend, the privilege of going to the library during silent reading time, picking a partner for group work and projects, sitting in the "lounge" area for the day, drop a low grade and homework passes are some examples.
Students will be keeping track of their own behavior and classroom habits in their planner.  This helps students become accountable for their own behavior and provides a visual reminder of areas in which they need to improve. 

Missing work will be recorded and the student may be required to stay in for recess to make up any late work.  Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior will also be recorded in the planner. This may result in a loss of recess time as well.  Parents will be contacted and other steps will be discussed if the disrespectful or inappropriate behavior continues.

If a violation is severe, the student may be sent to the office to be dealt with as school policy dictates.
1. First offense - Warning
2. Second offense - loss of one recess
3. Third offense - loss of one week of recess
4. Fourth offense - after school detention
If an absence is planned in advance, please feel free to let one of the teachers know and we will do our best to prepare work for the student ahead of time. If your student becomes ill and is absent for an extended period, you may let us know and we will send work home with a friend, sibling or you may pick it up in the office.
I have high expectations for all of the students in 5th grade and I know they are excellent children who will do their best this year!
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