Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message

A Message From The Superintendent:


 December 10, 2019


Dear Newton School Community Members,

I want to wish every Newton student, staff member, and community member a MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New year!

Ten years ago, I wrote a letter about the changes that were happening going into 2010.  We were constructing a new school building with many unknowns that were related to the progress and our satisfaction level to come with the final product.  During the end of 2009, I requested and  advised our district residents to be patient.  I also mentioned the biblical advice of being "quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger."   I also wrote that "life is 10% of that which happens to you while the other 90% of life is decided by how you react."  These were all things that I needed to reinforce in my own thinking.  A positive attitude in 2020 will serve us well, just as it did a decade ago!

In 2010, we were challenged with moving into a new environment, ending the school year early in May and beginning the following year after labor day.  We were challenged with new ways of doing things.  Gone was the old familar building that stood for many years that held many precious memories for generations of Newton graduates.  I remember that time to have been very emotionally intense.  However, I believe that our community delt quite well with the difficult challenges of those times!  As our country deals with division and many of us wrestle with the issues that we face locally, I hope that we can all remember that it's the relationships that we have in life that are most important!  

During this season and time of year, it is easier to understand why all of us should hope and pray for peace.  I am reminded of another quote..... "True peace is not the absence of war; but the presence of God."  God bless our troops that are serving and that have served and the United States of America!  May you and yours experience the peace that surpasses all understanding this Christmas season! 

Only at Newton!!!

Pat McBride


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