A Message From The Superintendent:

September 1, 2017
Dear Newton Community,

The 2017-2018 school year is here and off to a great start!  It's difficult for me to believe that we have been in our new facility for seven years!  This year will also mark my 12th year as Superintendent of this District.  Our seniors were in 5th grade the year we moved into our new building. They are old enough to remember the old school building but have experienced the new building from elementary years through last year of High School. It truly makes me pause and reflect upon how time passes so quickly.

I recently gave my opening day message to our staff.  Quite proudly, I stated to them that anyone is welcome to use any metric they would like in order to determine the success of our school district during the past 10 years.   Whether one would use student academic scores, district finanical data, the vast open enrollment turn around, or extra-curricular participation/success...... all would indicate that our district is doing remarkably well!   
When the Board of Education hired me in 2006, I clearly gave them a vision for what I intended for Newton to look like after 10 years.  I also told them, Lord willing, that I wanted to remain the Superintendent for at least 10 years, if not longer.  I am so thankful that I've been able to stay longer than 10 years and that Newton is better in every way than even the wonderful vision that I had for it those many years ago! 
I do not take credit for all the greatness of this district.  Our parents and community members are to thank, first and foremost, for making education and support of this school a priority. We also have an outstanding staff that is dedicated to serving our kids each and every day.  And....our students are the best that any teacher or staff member could ask for!  I am thankful that I've been entrusted to play an important role in helping move the district ahead and making it a better place to learn and grow for our students and their families!  I have no less pride and passion for this school than when I started 11 years ago! 
I love this time of year and the excitement it brings!   I wish every student and parent a great and memorable year! 

Only at Newton!

Pat McBride
201 North Long Street, Pleasant Hill, OH 45359 • Phone: 937-676-2002 • Fax: 937-676-2054 • Map
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