Feb 18 - NCAA College Recruiting & Eligibility LIVE In-Home Recruiting Webinar 7:00PM
NCAA College Recruiting & Eligibility LIVE In-Home Recruiting Webinar - (see link below to register)
Sunday, February 18, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. EST

Parents and athletes make sure you are aware of this INFORMATIVE event and we encourage you to attend from your home computer/laptop. 

Every athlete that is considering playing college sports should participate along with their parents.  This Webinar will help parents to become more knowledgeable and REALISTIC about athletic scholarships and the recruiting process. We are also encouraging 8th grade middle school families to participate so they can learn that NOW is the time to prepare for playing sports in college. 

Parents will learn how to create a “Blueprint for Success” to help their student-athletes achieve their ACADEMIC & ATHLETIC goals for college, whatever they may be.

They will also learn how to find the right college and where to look for financial aid, Athletic Scholarships, and Grants.  Our athletes will learn what it takes mentally, physically and academically to be a college athlete today!

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