Elementary News
School Pictures
 As stated in the Elementary Handbook, pictures may not be purchased unless a partial payment has been received toward school fees.  If you have any questions, please call the elementary office.

2017-2018 School Fees

Workbook Fees
1st Grade$45.00
2nd Grade$45.00
3rd Grade$45.00
4th Grade$45.00
5th Grade$45.00
6th Grade$45.00
Newton Band
Upcoming Events
November 22-24 No School
               Happy Thanksgiving 
November 27-Progress
                   Reports On Line
December 4-Elementary
                Program at 7:00pm 
                           Gr. 1-5
December 11-High School
                     Program  7:00pm
December 12-Kindergarten 
                           Christmas @
                            1:30 in the
December 20-Last day before 
January 3 -Back to school
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